OSHA offers a wide range of WHS programs for organisations in the Comcare jurisdiction.
Courses range from 2-hour Senior Management briefings, to Comcare-Approved courses (
both Initial 5-day and 1-day Refresher WHS Training Courses).

We also offer courses for Health & Safety Committees and WHS briefings for senior managers and directors.
'MAKING WHS MY BUSINESS' is our New Generation ‘Safety Leadership’ & Safe Behaviours’ that has been conducted in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia and Europe.
ourses are led by highly experienced trainers/ consultants who also have provided practical WHS assistance to many organisations and who can 'practice what we preach'!
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Looking for a practical and interactive course for your Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) - and others with responsibilities for WHS?
Although HSRs are the primary audience, managers, supervisors, Health and Safety Committee members - and anyone with an interest in workplace health and safety - will benefit from attending these courses.

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Is it time for your HSRs to do their annual Comcare-Approved HSR Refresher WHS  Training Course? Perhaps you want a 1 day OHS Overview course?
This interactive 1-day workshop provides an overview of recent developments with the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (Cwth) and reviews the role, powers and rights of  HSRs.

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A 2 -day workshop to provide managers, supervisors and other decision makers with the background, concepts and overview necessary to enable them to manage workplace health and safety issues in their organisation.
This program  recognises the rapidly changing nature of work-related risks and hazards and the changing nature, culture and business goals of the client organisation.

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An exciting new concept in safety leadership and developing work safety cultures – exploring principles of safety, culture and risk, understanding why some people take risks, the importance of emotional intelligence and developing skills for effective interventions.
The program aims to develop leadership skills, using WHS as the "window to the organisation".

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We ensure that our training programs are practical and client-focused – and fun! Don't take our word for it - CLICK HERE to see what our participants have to say. In addition to the above programs, we offer proven courses in "WHS & IR - The Hidden agenda", "WHS for Managers and Supervisors", "Contractors and WHS" - and many more.

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