- Making them effective
Are you frustrated by inefficiencies in your committee?
It is said that “a camel is a horse designed by a committee”.  Many committees suffer the same problems – no clear idea of a committee’s functions, a few people do most of the talking, no set procedures are followed, no decisions are made, and no action occurs.  Indeed, having a bad safety committee can be worse than having no committee at all.

This one day Health and Safety Committee workshop enables existing and potential committee members to:
*  Understand the key factors for the effective operation of Health and Safety committees
*  Participate as effective members of health and safety committees
*  Review differences between Safety Officers, Health and Safety Representatives and members of the health and safety committee.

Answers will be provided to the common questions about committees:

how many people should be on a committee
how do we construct an agenda
how long should the meeting last
how often should we hold meetings
how can we gain the support and involvement of our employees, supervisors and managers
what should our committee talk about
what is the role of the chairman – and other members
how do we increase our knowledge and skills about health and safety?

Thursday 7 May 2020  Carlton
Thursday 8 October 2020 Ringwood

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